This is not about Hyun Joong It’s just about Me

Hello my family .. I really missed all the good people who I met here because of the leader .. It’s been a very long time since I updated this place .. even after this long time I won’t talk a lot about the leader today .. even I know most of you will skip that article .. but I still wanna write it .. because this is the only place that I can reveal my feelings on it .. for who don’t Know me I’m Hana .. Kim Hana .. that person who love each one of our Henecia family .. or any one love the leader just a little .. recently I wasn’t here because I wanted to create a place or a small club for Henecia here in Egypt in another meaning collect our members together in a same place .. but it seems a very difficult problem .. once ago I thought that I can change the world by the good manners and treating every one well .. but it’s not like that .. now I think that I have to treat everyone with the same manners .. I stayed among the foreign fans about two years .. and they were really nice to me .. I never met a lady who was bully or aggressive to me .. all of them were nice and treated me very well .. even I was young they respected me .. I’ll stop here to say thanks Ms. Elena – cathy – lily – c.stock – fl chan – Cathryn – tracy – Lina – Deanna and all who was here and treated me well ..


when I tried to do the same here (in my country) I did it in a friendly way & I was very passionate to meet them and make some events and projects by our name Henecia Egypt .. I didn’t want to take some one position or something from what they have said .. I wasn’t have any intention to Interrupt anything .. all what I was in need is making them happy .. I thought I can make some friendships .. talking to them or send them some gifts .. that all what I wanted nothing else .. but they were really trouble makers they were really bully (not all of them just some to be honest) ..


what hurt me a lot when they said “who do you think that you are to separate us? (they meant the Egyptian Triple S & Henecia) “I stopped for a moment then I couldn’t prevent myself from crying then I said to myself .. why are they doing that ? I’m nothing or I just Kim Hana .. a member from Henecia planet and I wanna make all our family happy .. even Why would I take any one place while I have mine ? I just was trying to help them ..


since the first scandal I didn’t cry .. and I swear that I won’t cry and I’ll support my leader strongly .. but it seems that I can’t stand any more .. I wanna cry because I’m so tired .. I’m so worry about my leader .. It’s really difficult for me .. How can I cry while I used to be the one who console everyone but herself ! the one who don’t care about herself and she only care about everyone else ! It’s so difficult for me .. but I won’t stop here .. I’ll complete what I began two years ago .. I’ll support my leader and I won’t give up now ..



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