Henecia planet — A new project will produce by 15 July 2016

Today is my second anniversary .. I knew my leader two years ago .. since 15 July 2013 .. it isn’t a very long period but it was enough to know this man very well .. for most of the people we are just crazy ladies who love someone they don’t actually know .. but for us it’s different and a very important thing .. anyway from months I was always saying that I’m busy & that’s why I neglected the blog and the Facebook page .. yeah I was but I wasn’t busy with my own business but with an important thing that related to the leader and our family (Henecia) & I didn’t say anything about it from the first day .. because I was afraid of stealing the Idea .. so it’s a secret and will be a secret till I finish the whole project by my third anniversary 15 July 2016 .. but all what I want your support till then & wait for Kim Hana’s project (Henecia Planet) .. the project will be in the most knowing languages (Arabic & English) .. hope all of our family will find it helpful and lovely .. and here some photo hints of it .. I’m sure most of you will find out what I’m talking about ..





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