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Henecia planet — A new project will produce by 15 July 2016

Today is my second anniversary .. I knew my leader two years ago .. since 15 July 2013 .. it isn’t a very long period but it was enough to know this man very well .. for most of the people we are just crazy ladies who love someone they don’t actually know .. but for us it’s different and a very important thing .. anyway from months I was always saying that I’m busy & that’s why I neglected the blog and the Facebook page .. yeah I was but I wasn’t busy with my own business but with an important thing that related to the leader and our family (Henecia) & I didn’t say anything about it from the first day .. because I was afraid of stealing the Idea .. so it’s a secret and will be a secret till I finish the whole project by my third anniversary 15 July 2016 .. but all what I want your support till then & wait for Kim Hana’s project (Henecia Planet) .. the project will be in the most knowing languages (Arabic & English) .. hope all of our family will find it helpful and lovely .. and here some photo hints of it .. I’m sure most of you will find out what I’m talking about ..





This is not about Hyun Joong It’s just about Me

Hello my family .. I really missed all the good people who I met here because of the leader .. It’s been a very long time since I updated this place .. even after this long time I won’t talk a lot about the leader today .. even I know most of you will skip that article .. but I still wanna write it .. because this is the only place that I can reveal my feelings on it .. for who don’t Know me I’m Hana .. Kim Hana .. that person who love each one of our Henecia family .. or any one love the leader just a little .. recently I wasn’t here because I wanted to create a place or a small club for Henecia here in Egypt in another meaning collect our members together in a same place .. but it seems a very difficult problem .. once ago I thought that I can change the world by the good manners and treating every one well .. but it’s not like that .. now I think that I have to treat everyone with the same manners .. I stayed among the foreign fans about two years .. and they were really nice to me .. I never met a lady who was bully or aggressive to me .. all of them were nice and treated me very well .. even I was young they respected me .. I’ll stop here to say thanks Ms. Elena – cathy – lily – c.stock – fl chan – Cathryn – tracy – Lina – Deanna and all who was here and treated me well ..


when I tried to do the same here (in my country) I did it in a friendly way & I was very passionate to meet them and make some events and projects by our name Henecia Egypt .. I didn’t want to take some one position or something from what they have said .. I wasn’t have any intention to Interrupt anything .. all what I was in need is making them happy .. I thought I can make some friendships .. talking to them or send them some gifts .. that all what I wanted nothing else .. but they were really trouble makers they were really bully (not all of them just some to be honest) ..


what hurt me a lot when they said “who do you think that you are to separate us? (they meant the Egyptian Triple S & Henecia) “I stopped for a moment then I couldn’t prevent myself from crying then I said to myself .. why are they doing that ? I’m nothing or I just Kim Hana .. a member from Henecia planet and I wanna make all our family happy .. even Why would I take any one place while I have mine ? I just was trying to help them ..


since the first scandal I didn’t cry .. and I swear that I won’t cry and I’ll support my leader strongly .. but it seems that I can’t stand any more .. I wanna cry because I’m so tired .. I’m so worry about my leader .. It’s really difficult for me .. How can I cry while I used to be the one who console everyone but herself ! the one who don’t care about herself and she only care about everyone else ! It’s so difficult for me .. but I won’t stop here .. I’ll complete what I began two years ago .. I’ll support my leader and I won’t give up now ..


Merry Christmas for Kim Hyun Joong and all the Henecians [Kim Hana-Henecia Egypt]

Merry Christmas to all our Henecia family all over the world .. wish you all the best 😀 😀 & Merry Christmas for Our leader “Kim Hyun Joong” .. you make our life better oppa thanks for everything .. all of us wish you the best in you life & hope you have a happy successful year .. because you are our only one .. who make us really happy and smiling all the time .. 9 years from now .. we are going to look back and remember .. that you were that person .. who could turn every frown into smile .. that person .. who made the biggest difference in our life .. Marry Christmas & God bless you my king 🙂











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Kim Hyun Joonghat


It’s Our Home’s Anniversary (김현중_ KIM HYUN JOONG Blog)

Hello My dear family (Henecians) .. I don’t know why I love all of you like that .. but its seem that if you love someone (Kim hyun Joong) .. you will like everything related to him .. I feel warm here .. we love each other .. we care about each other .. and we don’t search about any benefits .. just like a real family .. Thanks my leader for giving me such a lovely family ❤ ❤

7 Dec. 2014 .. was our blog anniversary .. I hope I was here to celebrate with all of you .. but I was facing a technical problem .. anyway I recorded a video on this day just a MSG for all of you ..

Fotor_141810941566888 (2)

NB: this is my first time to speak in English in front of someone without any Fear .. despite my pronunciation wasn’t good enough .. I just feel comfortable among you ..

Double your Voting For The Leader “Kim Hyun Joong”

Attention Please !! Most of you know that we are voting for the leader to make him win with “Yahoo BUZZ” award .. It’s a very important thing for all of us .. we have to show him that we still believing in him .. He always makes us happy .. and we have to say thank you .. This award will mean a lot for him and for each of us as well .. The last few years he won with this award .. but this year and after all what happened with him .. he has to know that all of us still here for him (supporting & loving) him ..

Our voting “dropping” everyday .. because everyone doing that as a duty and in a separate time .. But we have to get in groups and vote together to show our love to the leader .. We have to vote together and at the same time ..

Our mission is very simple from now on .. we’ll try to vote for the leader two hours each day .. one at the Morning and the other at the Evening ..

And because I know the Standard Time in many counties .. so, we’ll use the KST and everyone have to try to follow us .. I think the chosen time will suit most of you .. and if it’s not .. so, Please try to use the time you spend on sharing Hyun Joong photos to vote for him instead. We need to focus all our energy & time on voting for Hyun Joong to secure his win!

I think most of you Know the difference between his own time and the Korean time that’s why I chose it .. so, we will gather each day in

Morning at 05:00 am KST
Evening at 10:00 Pm KST

(KST = Korea Standard Time)

Keep on fighting we need to double our effort .. fighting Henecians !!doمwnload

voting Link:

NB: if you need any help .. tell me immediately .. 🙂10009771_366892086811465_2865172014776161689_n

Kim Hyun Joong and The Islam

Few days ago I faced many haters who Provoked me a lot .. one of them said that Kim Hyun Joong hates the Arab .. especially Muslims .. because they had a freak traditions ..

Damn .. what is this shit?! .. Firstly why he will hate the Muslims without any reason .. even if he hates you .. your religion must face the hatred with love .. like your prophet did in the last era .. he was treating the unbelievers with God so sweetly and gently .. even they were hurt him not only talk badly about his religion (Islam) or just hate it .. so, for Muslim find a good source before you open your mouth .. many people everywhere watching your deeds ..

Let’s return to Kim Hyun Joong .. he is a gentleman who treats everyone so perfectly .. we never heard or saw him treats anyone of his fans in bad manners ..

Few Muslim said that he hates them .. in details >> Kim Hyun Joong said once to a journalist that he don’t like Muslims .. as they alleged .. so, I searched about this article but I didn’t find it anywhere .. At the same time many good Muslims said that >> the journalist was American and Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t speak English well as we all know .. and they said also that he apologized for his Arab fans after this meeting .. because he confused about what he already said … so .. he just didn’t know how to talk or explain what he wanted to say in English .. (I didn’t see anything from that even that article .. I just tell you what I heard)

Also some Muslim said that .. once when he was at Malaysia he saw many female fans wearing the hijab and he admired that because they were wearing it while the weather was so hot .. which mean he don’t hate you ..

The question here .. Why you are saying that about him ?! Did you see the original article ?! Did you translate it by yourself ?! or Did a good source translated it for you ?! please don’t be fool and don’t believe anything you hear ..

1- Kim Hyun Joong went to Malaysia many times before .. also he had many Muslim fans their .. and when he visits Malaysia to attend any event .. most of them go to his event .. and at these events he treats them very well .. as any christian fan .. he don’t differentiate between his fans .. the same (smile on his face — lovely treating) .. also one time at an event there the place was stuffy, some fans had breathing difficulties and fainted. Seeing that the place was overcrowded with fans, KHJ caringly told the screaming fans to remained calm, not to squeeze nor push as safety comes 1st … what a sweet man?! ❤

check out some photos from Malaysia and let’s continue ..img_7379-1








2- On his drama “Playful Kiss” in episode 15 .. he said some information about a mosque .. here the video ..

If he hates The Islam he wouldn’t talk about it or maybe he would ask the director to remove this part completely from the drama ..

3- Last but not the least .. At “Barefoot Friends” >> he went to Indonesia all of us know that there are many Muslims there .. I won’t talk just see the video ..

for who still have some doubts .. this man who talk with Hyun Joong is Muslim because his wife wearing the hijab and Hyun Joong was treating and talking with them in a good way .. even the other lady who he hugged her Muslim too .. Do you still believe that he hates Muslims as some allege ..

My last words are “just open your mind and search well before you open your mouth”

(NB: I’m Muslim .. I just say this >> because I don’t want any Muslim says that I’m from another religion and attacking The Islam) .. We are all brothers .. don’t let some fools make us hate each other ..