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Henecia planet — A new project will produce by 15 July 2016

Today is my second anniversary .. I knew my leader two years ago .. since 15 July 2013 .. it isn’t a very long period but it was enough to know this man very well .. for most of the people we are just crazy ladies who love someone they don’t actually know .. but for us it’s different and a very important thing .. anyway from months I was always saying that I’m busy & that’s why I neglected the blog and the Facebook page .. yeah I was but I wasn’t busy with my own business but with an important thing that related to the leader and our family (Henecia) & I didn’t say anything about it from the first day .. because I was afraid of stealing the Idea .. so it’s a secret and will be a secret till I finish the whole project by my third anniversary 15 July 2016 .. but all what I want your support till then & wait for Kim Hana’s project (Henecia Planet) .. the project will be in the most knowing languages (Arabic & English) .. hope all of our family will find it helpful and lovely .. and here some photo hints of it .. I’m sure most of you will find out what I’m talking about ..





Let’s send our letters to Kim Hyun Joong

Today I won’t say let’s participate in this or that project .. this time you can send your own letter by yourself ..

lately when the Henecians visited Jaksal restaurant .. Hyun Joong’s friend and aunt gave them the permission to send their own letters to Hyun Joong on the restaurant’s address and from there they will deliver the letters to the leader (correction this is not Jaksal’s address .. this is the P.O. box address for the fans who want to send him a letter during his military service ) .. so, it’s easier now .. you can write your letter by handwriting or just print it from your computer then go to the nearest post office & send it .. write whatever you want from supporting messages to farewell Messages ..


Good luck with your sending .. hope you all the luck .. here is the address in the English & the Korean language ..



Kim Hyun Joong @ Gimpo Airport returning from Jeju 25.04.2015

After a long time (about 2 months) without any news except from his aunt & Jaksal friends who were good to us and telling us about his Situation and news .. Finally he is here .. A fan cam caught Hyun Joong @ GIMPO Airport while he was returning from Jeju island on 25.04.2015 .. and the source said that He was having a trip with his managers at Jeju Island before his enlistment to the army .. also The Fans in weibo added that he boarded the car alone and the two girls were just fans .. because many fans thought that he was with Ms. choi ..
Cr: 501wangja




And about His enlistment .. we got many news about it recently .. but we still don’t know .. Is it just a intrigue like the last time from Key East or It’s true this time ..

From [OSEN]
[Kim Hyun Joong determine enlistment date will be enlisted in May]
Kim Hyun Joong, last month due to personal matters raised enlistment extension application to the Office of Military Manpower and obtain license extension, has been identified and will be postponed to enlistment in the army in mid-May .
cr: @韩国me2day/@ Korea me2day

From [TV Report]
as reported earlier, Kim Hyun Joong after the end for an extension of one month, will enter mid-May enlisted news, Kim Hyun Joong’s company on the 22nd said,” Kim Hyun focuses on entering the army in a quiet manner, we respect Kim Hyun Joong’s choice, the exact date and place of enlistment we can not confirm, please understand. ”
cr: @韩娱Doublek/@ Korean Entertainment Doublek

From [Media.daum]
Solo ‘enlistment’, Kim Hyun Joong, May enlistment [article excerpts]
Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is to join the military in May. Kim Hyun Joong apply for enlistment postponement late last month, reportedly to serve time in coming May through between the month.
Kim Hyun Joong will be joined by the original March 31, Goyang, Gyeonggi 9th Division troops hundred miles Up the Academy was scheduled. But women with pregnancy related problems expose postponed enlisted.
Kim Hyun Joong has been accepted enlistment postponement from MMA could slow down time. According to the official, Kim Hyun Joong has applied for a postponement for “domestic reasons cleanup is required. The lyrics clean and smoke related period of 30 days.
When related reasons that persist may be postponed again within 30 days. MMA is known to have permission to organize a time for Kim Hyun Joong to 30 days.
An official of the agency Keyeast Entertainment, said, “All matters relating to the enlistment of Kim Hyun Joong are private.”

The question here .. Are we ready for this step !


Merry Christmas for Kim Hyun Joong and all the Henecians [Kim Hana-Henecia Egypt]

Merry Christmas to all our Henecia family all over the world .. wish you all the best 😀 😀 & Merry Christmas for Our leader “Kim Hyun Joong” .. you make our life better oppa thanks for everything .. all of us wish you the best in you life & hope you have a happy successful year .. because you are our only one .. who make us really happy and smiling all the time .. 9 years from now .. we are going to look back and remember .. that you were that person .. who could turn every frown into smile .. that person .. who made the biggest difference in our life .. Marry Christmas & God bless you my king 🙂











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Kim Hyun Joonghat


It’s Our Home’s Anniversary (김현중_ KIM HYUN JOONG Blog)

Hello My dear family (Henecians) .. I don’t know why I love all of you like that .. but its seem that if you love someone (Kim hyun Joong) .. you will like everything related to him .. I feel warm here .. we love each other .. we care about each other .. and we don’t search about any benefits .. just like a real family .. Thanks my leader for giving me such a lovely family ❤ ❤

7 Dec. 2014 .. was our blog anniversary .. I hope I was here to celebrate with all of you .. but I was facing a technical problem .. anyway I recorded a video on this day just a MSG for all of you ..

Fotor_141810941566888 (2)

NB: this is my first time to speak in English in front of someone without any Fear .. despite my pronunciation wasn’t good enough .. I just feel comfortable among you ..