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Let’s send our letters to Kim Hyun Joong

Today I won’t say let’s participate in this or that project .. this time you can send your own letter by yourself ..

lately when the Henecians visited Jaksal restaurant .. Hyun Joong’s friend and aunt gave them the permission to send their own letters to Hyun Joong on the restaurant’s address and from there they will deliver the letters to the leader (correction this is not Jaksal’s address .. this is the P.O. box address for the fans who want to send him a letter during his military service ) .. so, it’s easier now .. you can write your letter by handwriting or just print it from your computer then go to the nearest post office & send it .. write whatever you want from supporting messages to farewell Messages ..


Good luck with your sending .. hope you all the luck .. here is the address in the English & the Korean language ..




Kim Hyun Joong @ Gimpo Airport returning from Jeju 25.04.2015

After a long time (about 2 months) without any news except from his aunt & Jaksal friends who were good to us and telling us about his Situation and news .. Finally he is here .. A fan cam caught Hyun Joong @ GIMPO Airport while he was returning from Jeju island on 25.04.2015 .. and the source said that He was having a trip with his managers at Jeju Island before his enlistment to the army .. also The Fans in weibo added that he boarded the car alone and the two girls were just fans .. because many fans thought that he was with Ms. choi ..
Cr: 501wangja




And about His enlistment .. we got many news about it recently .. but we still don’t know .. Is it just a intrigue like the last time from Key East or It’s true this time ..

From [OSEN]
[Kim Hyun Joong determine enlistment date will be enlisted in May]
Kim Hyun Joong, last month due to personal matters raised enlistment extension application to the Office of Military Manpower and obtain license extension, has been identified and will be postponed to enlistment in the army in mid-May .
cr: @韩国me2day/@ Korea me2day

From [TV Report]
as reported earlier, Kim Hyun Joong after the end for an extension of one month, will enter mid-May enlisted news, Kim Hyun Joong’s company on the 22nd said,” Kim Hyun focuses on entering the army in a quiet manner, we respect Kim Hyun Joong’s choice, the exact date and place of enlistment we can not confirm, please understand. ”
cr: @韩娱Doublek/@ Korean Entertainment Doublek

From [Media.daum]
Solo ‘enlistment’, Kim Hyun Joong, May enlistment [article excerpts]
Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is to join the military in May. Kim Hyun Joong apply for enlistment postponement late last month, reportedly to serve time in coming May through between the month.
Kim Hyun Joong will be joined by the original March 31, Goyang, Gyeonggi 9th Division troops hundred miles Up the Academy was scheduled. But women with pregnancy related problems expose postponed enlisted.
Kim Hyun Joong has been accepted enlistment postponement from MMA could slow down time. According to the official, Kim Hyun Joong has applied for a postponement for “domestic reasons cleanup is required. The lyrics clean and smoke related period of 30 days.
When related reasons that persist may be postponed again within 30 days. MMA is known to have permission to organize a time for Kim Hyun Joong to 30 days.
An official of the agency Keyeast Entertainment, said, “All matters relating to the enlistment of Kim Hyun Joong are private.”

The question here .. Are we ready for this step !


The latest news about Kim Hyun Joong 13 Dec. 2014

Kim Hyun Joong attended Kim Sung Oh ‘s wedding ceremony with “Inspiring Generation” cast members on 13 Dec. 2014

According to Bride’s friend .. she said

1) HJ looked like a very handsome boy .
2) Also he didn’t pretend to be cool and unpretentious .. he mingled with people throughout the wedding & laughed with others during ceremony .
3) But most of the time,he just kept to himself and hide (he kept low profile), maybe its because of the latest news, but seeing him in real, he doesnt look like he will do such things. HJ is the most handsome artiste she has ever seen.
cr: @khj_hyunjoong ·







Kim Hyun Joong And Yahoo Buzz Award

I got busy for some days .. then I came to hear what happened on yahoo buzz .. the first thing that I saw when I came back was some articles about the Yahoo Buzz Ceremony 8 Dec. 2014 … are they joking?!

And here what exactly happened .. Yahoo Buzz announced Kim Hyun Joong won the best Male Korean Artist instead of the Top Hot Search Korean Artist and Ms Jessica got the hot Search Female Korean.

we didn’t see “the category of Hot search for male and female” and this what made all of us feel with confusion and dissatisfaction .. we only fought to get the first rank “the Top Asian Artist of the Year” .. not only for “male top Korean category”
FROM “Most Search Asian Artist of the Year 2014” TO “Most Popular Korean Award” definitely They changed the name from Asian to Korean

After a month of hard-work & more than 3.31 million votes .. Kim Hyun Joong truly deserves this trophy .. from the first moment in this event .. Most of the Henecians & Triple S participated .. and most of us didn’t sleep well .. didn’t eat well .. also voted while they were at school or college or work .. we faced all the hardships just because the win of our only one … We voted because we love him and wanted to tell the whole world .. that we are still here for him and whatever happened we will be here ..10378074_338110792980074_9014209461015032965_n 10530817_333017673489386_4022785482555002357_n

finaly .. I wanna say some words to YB management “this is so unfair .. whatever you cause for us from pain and sadness .. we still happy and we will be till the end .. because at least we Know that our leader deserves what he have .. and you are just playing with rules ..

A literal translation of Yahoo’s “apology”
Cr: @illublue

From yahoo’s weibo:

1- Yahoo Hong Kong Popularity Grand Prize 2014# Sorry to all Henecia, prior to this, the little tiger (referring to themselves) saw the wrong thing, Hyun Joong Oppa didn’t actually have a video to broadcast, we’re sorry we got the news wrong. But ultimately we will give him the prize ! Grand prize for hottest searched Korean male artist of the year – Kim Hyun Joong!

2- The background to this – yahoo responded to enquiries regarding whether HJ would attend the Yahoo Buzz Awards by saying that he would not be coming, but had sent a video over. This was on the 5th of December, and was not corrected in the following days . The “apology” came only after the conclusion of the awards, which lasted 3 hours. Note that they have also changed the name of the award that was given, so many Chinese fans are understandably angry.


Kim Hyun Joong – Participated on Charities Projects “Coal Delivery” (2 Dec. 2014)

Finally we can know some about our leader! After many weeks without having any news from him .. thank God 😀 😀

Recently , Kim Hyun Joong participated at a charity event .. for Coal Delivery .. in the club fans of professional golfer “Kim Hae Rim” (HJ’s younger cousin) to help the needy people.

some photos for KHJ .. taken on 2 Dec. 201410850123_874347815931723_3788129220602265076_n








HJ’s younger cousin Kim Hae Rim , is the young lady in grey cap.1535007_874344622598709_4441182585548712572_n


Hyun Joong stacking up the coal, preparing to carry them for distribution .. 10846330_736894339739960_8571180523495338922_n

And this is not the first time .. this was his second time participating on this activity his first activity .. same as this was on 6 January 2011 988882_683271575104959_7211644884969892038_n







whatever they are saying about you .. you will remain our only hero .

Double your Voting For The Leader “Kim Hyun Joong”

Attention Please !! Most of you know that we are voting for the leader to make him win with “Yahoo BUZZ” award .. It’s a very important thing for all of us .. we have to show him that we still believing in him .. He always makes us happy .. and we have to say thank you .. This award will mean a lot for him and for each of us as well .. The last few years he won with this award .. but this year and after all what happened with him .. he has to know that all of us still here for him (supporting & loving) him ..

Our voting “dropping” everyday .. because everyone doing that as a duty and in a separate time .. But we have to get in groups and vote together to show our love to the leader .. We have to vote together and at the same time ..

Our mission is very simple from now on .. we’ll try to vote for the leader two hours each day .. one at the Morning and the other at the Evening ..

And because I know the Standard Time in many counties .. so, we’ll use the KST and everyone have to try to follow us .. I think the chosen time will suit most of you .. and if it’s not .. so, Please try to use the time you spend on sharing Hyun Joong photos to vote for him instead. We need to focus all our energy & time on voting for Hyun Joong to secure his win!

I think most of you Know the difference between his own time and the Korean time that’s why I chose it .. so, we will gather each day in

Morning at 05:00 am KST
Evening at 10:00 Pm KST

(KST = Korea Standard Time)

Keep on fighting we need to double our effort .. fighting Henecians !!doمwnload

voting Link:

NB: if you need any help .. tell me immediately .. 🙂10009771_366892086811465_2865172014776161689_n