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Kim Hyun Joong @ Gimpo Airport returning from Jeju 25.04.2015

After a long time (about 2 months) without any news except from his aunt & Jaksal friends who were good to us and telling us about his Situation and news .. Finally he is here .. A fan cam caught Hyun Joong @ GIMPO Airport while he was returning from Jeju island on 25.04.2015 .. and the source said that He was having a trip with his managers at Jeju Island before his enlistment to the army .. also The Fans in weibo added that he boarded the car alone and the two girls were just fans .. because many fans thought that he was with Ms. choi ..
Cr: 501wangja




And about His enlistment .. we got many news about it recently .. but we still don’t know .. Is it just a intrigue like the last time from Key East or It’s true this time ..

From [OSEN]
[Kim Hyun Joong determine enlistment date will be enlisted in May]
Kim Hyun Joong, last month due to personal matters raised enlistment extension application to the Office of Military Manpower and obtain license extension, has been identified and will be postponed to enlistment in the army in mid-May .
cr: @韩国me2day/@ Korea me2day

From [TV Report]
as reported earlier, Kim Hyun Joong after the end for an extension of one month, will enter mid-May enlisted news, Kim Hyun Joong’s company on the 22nd said,” Kim Hyun focuses on entering the army in a quiet manner, we respect Kim Hyun Joong’s choice, the exact date and place of enlistment we can not confirm, please understand. ”
cr: @韩娱Doublek/@ Korean Entertainment Doublek

From [Media.daum]
Solo ‘enlistment’, Kim Hyun Joong, May enlistment [article excerpts]
Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is to join the military in May. Kim Hyun Joong apply for enlistment postponement late last month, reportedly to serve time in coming May through between the month.
Kim Hyun Joong will be joined by the original March 31, Goyang, Gyeonggi 9th Division troops hundred miles Up the Academy was scheduled. But women with pregnancy related problems expose postponed enlisted.
Kim Hyun Joong has been accepted enlistment postponement from MMA could slow down time. According to the official, Kim Hyun Joong has applied for a postponement for “domestic reasons cleanup is required. The lyrics clean and smoke related period of 30 days.
When related reasons that persist may be postponed again within 30 days. MMA is known to have permission to organize a time for Kim Hyun Joong to 30 days.
An official of the agency Keyeast Entertainment, said, “All matters relating to the enlistment of Kim Hyun Joong are private.”
source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/star/newsview?newsid=20150422155726399

The question here .. Are we ready for this step !



Our bad news for today Kim Hyun Joong′s Assault Case will Send to the Public Prosecutor′s Office

I don’t know what is wrong with this people .. why they Can`t leave him in peace? what they are want from him .. He even apologized to her in front of the whole world & cared about her pain … hasn’t he suffered enough or his suffering is not Important for them .. let’s pray for our king ..

here the news in details 😦 ..

As he has admitted to one of the charges, the police will send Kim Hyun Joong′s assault case to the public prosecutor′s office.

The chief of the crime department at the Songpa Police Department, who was in charge of Kim Hyun Joong′s assault case, told Newsen on September 23, “Of the four charges reported, Kim Hyun Joong has admitted to the suspicion of injury charge.”

“As he has admitted to it, the case will be forwarded to the public prosecutor′s office either this or next week for further review. We′ll be sending our opinions on the matter and the prosecutor′s office will finalize the case.”

On September 22, Kim Hyun Joong′s girlfriend ′A′ issued a lawsuit against the singer, saying he has repeated assaulted her. She claimed that she received two serious injuries, one that took two weeks to heal and the other, a rib fracture, that took six weeks.

During the police investigation, Kim Hyun Joong only admitted to one account, saying that an verbal argument turned physical. Kim Hyun Joong personally apologized to ′A′ and ′A′ canceled her lawsuit on September 17.

source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/76558/kimhyunjoong-case-sent-to-prosecutors


The cancellation of Beijing Concert & The commemorative event which held in Beijing on (19/9/2014)

The cancellation of Beijing Concert

Days before Beijing concert .. many people start talking about the cancellation of this concert .. some people said it’s just a rumor .. But at the same time Hyun Joong’s haters began their scheme .. they said on the media that the artist is the one who canceled the concert .. So, the people began to get worried & asks why .. And they forgot to ask themselves .. Did Kim Hyun Joong break his promise before?! Did he cancel a concert or a meeting without a reason before?! If they Thought for a moment .. they would know the answer .. without asking anyone ..

Get up Henecians .. you have to be careful .. because your Question and re-posting for these news .. without knowing the truth behind it .. will pull our King down .. these haters and the bad media know well how they can do their job ..

All what I need .. is just stay calm when you hear a bad news about Kim Hyun Joong .. and don’t re-post or comment on it .. even it provoked you .. and go to the source who you trust him a lot and ask him about what happens ..

Anyway after few days Keyeast posted the cancellation statement (13/9/2014) .. here its translation “read it well please”

KeyEast Announcement Translation :

1- according to KeyEast notice , KeyEast received unexpected cancellation notice from China Organizer .. therefore concert will be cancelled ..

2- KHJ and KeyEast were all set for this concert but we apologize for this situation .. KeyEast is discussing future steps upon organizer ..
Cr: @4everhyun via @belindaKHJzzan
By: SakuraDream501

If you read it well .. so, it’ll be very clear for you that it wasn’t kim hyun joong who canceled the concert .. as spread on the news .. they were the Chinese organizers .. 😦 😦 I’m really so sad because many haters stand around my prince .. and some of our family members (Henecia) trusting every bad word written on him .. even they helping these haters to spoil our Kings life ..

My last words .. Despite the bad rumors which are going around .. Let’s not get affected and don’t let Kim Hyun Joong be misunderstood … and please be careful .. some people are trying to do that in purpose .. let’s stand by his side no matter what … Fighting Henecia world!

The commemorative event which held in Beijing on (19/9/2014)

Some Excerpt from Beijing’s fantasy Carnival on 19/9/2014:

1- Despite the cancellation of the Beijing World Tour … Chinese fans held their own “gathering”
cr: @Henecia-贤心贤德

2- They showed Hyun Joong videos & fans flashing their light sticks & phones,too.
cr: @Henecia刷新

3- There were some Japanese fans joining in Phantasm commemorative event which held in Beijing organised by Chinese fans.
Cr: 5StarsAs1

4- Read on weibo saying that atmosphere was exactly like a concert.
Cr: 5StarsAs1

Some Photos from “the Phantasm Commemorative Concert in Beijing”:10612620_693524840743577_1378238560122650586_n 10628114_693524830743578_1408585374087388872_n











Oh My God!! it’s So Touching ❤ ❤ ❤ ..

The little high school students in China sat folded into the 3 first letters of Kim Hyun Joong name “KHJ”10368273_436964763102371_4525997056351731159_n

Isn’t this so sweet ?!  :)<3 


Irrational comments About Kim Hyun Joong’s scandal !!

Why these people hate him like this! and Where were them before this problem! and Why they can’t wait the police investigations! Why they are so fast to judge him!

This is his first scandal .. “Dispatch” Newspaper .. I hate you, I really do .. because you attack Kim hyun joong Oppa badly .. Why you can’t wait the police investigations! you are ruining his career like this .. and you don’t have any rational evidence .. all what you have .. some messages and some pictures .. don’t be rude like this .. Because of your articles .. many people hated Oppa .. and saying very bad words about him ..

And about you people .. How you trust just some words without any reasonable evidence! you didn’t see this woman yet .. even you didn’t see any medical evidence or heard any doctor talking about her broken rib .. Why you hate him like this! I’m not an old fan for him .. but since I knew him I didn’t see him treats anyone in bad manners .. from Where you got this confidence to say that he is a bad man from the beginning! which beginning ladies! we never saw him talk or treat anyone from his fans rudely before .. all we hear about him is his good manners ..

And for who saying that he treated them well because of the cameras .. I can say .. I saw him daily in inspiring generation filming .. all what I saw his good manners .. and all the shoots were away from him .. I mean he couldn’t see the fan cameras while they were shooting him .. so, if he was a bad man from the beginning .. we would see his bad behaviors toward the other people ..

And for the people who say he is treating his fans rudely and he is very arrogant .. How you know that .. come on tell me .. Did you knew that when you saw him trying to take all the fan’s letters by his own hands! .. or When he smiles and bows to all his fans! .. or maybe when he gave them HI-5 and tried to smile for everyone!! .. don’t be so harsh .. give him the space to Defend himself ..

And about the people who say that KeyEast statement are so unreasonable .. okay it isn’t Unreasonable & irrational .. as a company .. it tries to protect him and protect its reputation .. every story has two sides .. but this story has three sides .. and we heard just two sides then began to judge Kim Hyun Joong oppa .. just wait to hear the last story and after that you have the right to be a fan of him or not ..  give him a chance to say his story and after that you can compare between the three stories .. then you can judge as you want .. even, we can’t judge him .. This Is His Life .. he can do whatever he want .. you only have the right to forgive him or not if the police evidence Showed that he is guilty .. till then you can keep silent and don’t write any bad comment about Our prince .. Especially if you aren’t his fan … Keep yourself out of this Problem .. we don’t want to hear your own Opinion .. Keep it for yourself ..

And for all the good Henecians .. here a good way to support our king .. till he Shows his innocence .. fighting Henecians !!



[Urgent&Important] The translation of KeyEast company official statement in Kim Hyun Joong’s lawsuit


The Complete FACT:

KeyEast company revealed in an official statement

Regarding the case which Kim Hyun Joong was sued, the company releases its statement to make clear its stand. Firstly, regarding yesterday’s reports, the company was unable to release an official statement as soon as possible as we were trying to verify the facts. We sincerely would like to bow our heads in apology to the people who care about Kim Hyun joong. We have caused you anxiety and concern.

After confirming the details with him,The truth is, the pair have known each other since 2012 but during the few months that they actually started dating (they have only been dating for the past couple of months), there were severe verbal arguments. There was also physical collision when it became too heated. However the reports that there was habitual and repeated instances of physical abuses over 2 months are extremely untrue.

There was only one instance of physical argument and the broken rib cages were also not caused during that argument. It happened when the two were fooling around(playing around). The next day, the pair attended an activity together and nothing seemed to be wrong so she didn’t know of the injuries sustained.(She was able to go out with her friends the next day normally, and didn’t even realize that she had had an injury.)

The earlier reports were all one sided accounts of the plaintiff and do not match with the truth. The company expresses our regrets regarding this.(KeyEast have also expressed regret that the stories released in articles have been exaggerated.) The company and Kim Hyun Joong will personally reveal the truth through the investigations and will cooperate with future investigations .As there are already agreements on his schedules, he will fulfill them. So that this case can be closed, he will put down his rights to work and cooperate fully. They also added that they believed that the truth would be revealed soon

credit: Mohanasweety


And here the translation of KeyEast official statement in another way:

“KeyEast Representative said the following”

Idol actor and Singer Kim Hyun Joong was in total shock and dismay at this accusation made against him. First he wanted to apologize to his fans for making them confused n worried for that he bowl his head.

Khj knew the girl since 2012 but only dated a few month. They were a heated argument which there was pushing and shoving on both parties and this only happened one time. There was no beating nor kicking on khj part. Khj is very sad hurt and angry with ex and will provided evinces to back up his side.

The broken rib khj doesn’t know how it happened as one night they were joking and playing around but the next day she went out with her friends.

He’s currently on tour so he can’t appear himself but he will tell his side and prove his innocent to his fans and the media who’s been unfair in their coverage on this story only siding with one person without knowing all the facts and evidence.

He wanted to Thank his loyal fans who love him no matter what the media had said and for that khj is very humble and grateful for their undying faith. In conclusion when he finished his tour he will come back home and show every one who doubt lost faith lost fans.

To his fans khj again apologize to them for this unfortunately terrible event. Thank you to his fans for never giving up on him nor believe he could do such horrible thing to a woman.

credit: Jackie Kim


Let’s understand the truth Henecians:

The first point: we already Knew that Kim Hyun Joong said before If he entered any relationship he won’t release this news .. because he don’t want to ruin the girl’s reputation .. that’s why all of us didn’t know about his relationship before .. and we don’t have the right to become sad .. because he have to married someday .. all of us know that .. so, Henecians don’t leave the main Issue and get sad because he were in relationship ..

The second point: it’s enough that our prince didn’t deny .. but he faced the issue bravely .. and said what happened and didn’t lie … he is honest and good man ..

The third point: till now we still waiting the third side of this story .. Kim Hyun Joong’s official statement .. but the bad part of that story is that the Korean fans and many other fans became so angry from him .. and they already said many bad comments when they read the first story from (Mr. A story) .. that’s why we were saying don’t re-post this story .. all the fans forgot that Kim hyun joong is innocent .. till we hear the true story .. and see how the investigation will pass ..

The fourth & last point: due to this current Events .. do you remember “the diviner” when he said that Kim hyun joong won’t be famous like now by the end of this year .. all of us didn’t trust him .. even me I laughed a lot when I heard his words .. because I thought that all Kim Hyun Joong’s fans are loyal and believe in him .. but the real fact prevail now .. many fans weren’t real fans .. I think they just like him because of his handsome face .. anyway the fans should support him not judge him we aren’t perfect .. nobody is perfect .. Keep on fighting True Henecians .. our prince need Our support ..



Let’s protect the leader “KIM HYUN JOONG”

Hello Henecians .. today been a day of the shocking and fake rumors .. about our Successful leader “Kim Hyun Joong” which say that “Kim Hyun Joong’s alleged girlfriend reported to have pressed charges against him for repeated assault”

Please Let’s not re-post or share or retweet or comment on that negative news about Kim hyun joong .. calm down and protect the prince .. let’s not talk about it if we truly believe in him .. because if we keep on re-post it .. it will prevail like wildfire .. please don’t believe this things .. And if you read something like this from “KOREABOO.COM” or “AllKPOP.COM” or “NETIZENBUZZ.BLOGSPOT.COM” or “DRAMAFEVER.COM” or “BLOG.VIKI.COM”… just believe it’s negative news about our Successful leader .. not proven yet .. and till now this is not confirmed from KeyEast company and there isn’t any official announcement till this moment .. so just wait and let’s don’t judge him .. please let’s not rush … and if you get confuse .. ask your heart you will have the answer .. and let’s all pray that news is not true ..

We need your cooperation Henecians .. We need to protect the reputation of Kim Hyun Joong .. let’s spread our love and support to our only one .. This is the time to express our love to him … He needs our power ..

10616610_256708014540274_5552028606634765453_nAs a Henecia world we will protect you Oppa .. don’t be sad if you read something like this .. your fans will support you forever .. no matter what happen we’ll be there for you to protect you in the right way ..


For me I’ll be by your side .. because I believe in you … I’m so proud of you and I’ll support you forever .. never change .. I love you Kim Hyun Joong Oppa .. ❤


Last words:
If you believe in these news simply just leave and Please don’t badmouth Kim Hyun Joong ..

And here .. read the words of Kim Hyun Joong’s fan club manager : http://en.korea.com/kimhyunjoong/?p=53283


The Additional countries for Kim Hyun Joong world tour (Dream) 2014


Kim Hyun Joong’s representative announced on June 26 that starting with Seoul concert on 28/6/2014, Kim Hyun Joong will be having shows in Taiwan, China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing), Japan (Yokohama, Hiroshima, Osaka) ,Thailand

and the tour will be including new five additional countries at the most, by the end of this month two of those countries “Mexico & Peru” ….

singer Kim Hyun Joong confirms and gets ready to head to 7 countries for world tour .. he will traveling the world to meet his international fans … and this world tour will continue for three months until September ..

here the confirmed countries .. Check out the updated schedule!

28-6-2014 Seoul (Korea)    (Done)

5-7-2014 Taipei (Taiwan)    (Done)

12-7-2014 Beijing (China)    (postponed to 19-9-2014)

26-7-2014 Bangkok (Thailand)    (postponed to 24-8-2014)

29-7-2014 Yokohama (Japan)    (Done)

30-7-2014 Yokohama (Japan)    (Done)

5-8-2014 Osaka (Japan)

9-8-2014 Hiroshima (Japan)

16-8-2014 Shanghai (China)

24-8-2014 Bangkok (Thailand)

30-8-2014 Guangzhou (China)

7-9-2014 Lima (Peru)    (New)

19-9-2014 Beijing (China)

source: http://www.hyun-joong.com