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Let’s send our letters to Kim Hyun Joong

Today I won’t say let’s participate in this or that project .. this time you can send your own letter by yourself ..

lately when the Henecians visited Jaksal restaurant .. Hyun Joong’s friend and aunt gave them the permission to send their own letters to Hyun Joong on the restaurant’s address and from there they will deliver the letters to the leader (correction this is not Jaksal’s address .. this is the P.O. box address for the fans who want to send him a letter during his military service ) .. so, it’s easier now .. you can write your letter by handwriting or just print it from your computer then go to the nearest post office & send it .. write whatever you want from supporting messages to farewell Messages ..


Good luck with your sending .. hope you all the luck .. here is the address in the English & the Korean language ..




Kim Hyun Joong comeback from his vacation healthier ( Lotty Fanmeeting in seoul 25-10-2014 )

25 oct. 2014 was a big day for all of us .. After long period of time .. the leader appeared finally .. it was a very exciting moment for all of us (Henecians) inside & outside the venue .. even for those who watching his updates on the various websites .. Many fans came from other countries to meet him .. like Hong kong, Thailand , Singapore and many fans came from Japan because this event was sponsored by Henecia Japan … at the meeting hyun joong was dashing, good looking & handsome as always .. his smile didn’t leave his face & he was very simple and funny 🙂 .. lets see what happened at the fan meeting in details ..

Stands outside the hall. (Photos)10425063_713214455441282_5475418188026207738_n


Inside the venue before the FM 25-10-2014. (Photos)B0x5g93CYAAS1KA


Kim Hyun Joong arrived the venue 25-10-2014. (Photos)1619347_283329561878119_121337704462529252_n



From what happened at the meeting:

HJ entered in black suit. White shirt, shirt has a circle pattern of Black and gold in front.

Many many overseas (non-Japanese) fans came for this Lotte fanmeet.

HJ sang 3 songs: “Your Story – Say Something & Thank You”

Most impressive .. fans who got gold medal .. then other guys shout that the girl is here and she standed up

KHJ inside the venue 25-10-2014. (Photos)1069814_284034248474317_4431106956128790762_n















Some words by the leader:

HJ words about growing old…
When I was in elementary & high school, I thought adults were old. But now I feel not just young people are young. We are all young. No matter 20, 26, or 29 years of age, I’ve had the same feeling… I feel no fear. Just another year. The HJ I’d envisioned when I was 20 yr old is not the same as the HJ now. Now I think about today and tomorrow. Live in the moment well … When I live to be 40 years old or 50 years old I feel like as a 20-year-old energetic 😀

Words for fans…
How should I say this? Please remember the HJ moments when I perform. The happy moments when you saw me perform on stage and on screen.

Words on fans coming to meet him in Seoul…
Goes without saying that I feel thankful that you’ve come. In the area I live, there’s a rubber duck now that you may see.I was once the Seoul Ambassador. Most people go to Myeongdong, Namsam, and other touristy places. I want to introduce some place different. The host responded… Fans come to Seoul for HJ. He is our tourist attraction!

HJ mentioned that when fans said saranghaeyo during Nagoya encore, he was flustered… he needed fans to say goodbye to bring on the final song (LOL!), thus he was stuck in his response .. The host wondered… shouldn’t he be happy? He said that was like a surprise gift. Whoever received it would feel happiness… so did he!





HJ said:

1- he will seriously consider the type of music he wants in the album before he starts looking for songs.

2- recently he watched the American musical drama movie ‘Begin Again’ (The movie that inspired him for the next album) he now knows what genre of music he wants to do for his next album.

3- his new Album will be next year… he wanna make his music thats free,comfortable & unlimited.

4- Oppa said fans of southeast Asia are so hot, Japanese fans are high and Chinese fans’ voice are the best !!! Hahhh
Cr: Timing_想跟偶吧bobo的小不点










There were supposed to be a Q&A for fans to win gifts. But HJ had issues with the questions… too easy! LOL kept asking why they are so easy ..

Q1: What did you do during this break?
HJ: Started using kakao talk w friends. (host said she saw him using a lot in airport keke) When I rest, I started sns life. Feel closer to friends using kakao talk & kakao story. Feelings can be expressed differently when using kakao compared to seeing friends face to face.

Q2: How are fans from diff areas differ?
A: Temperature? Climate? South American are very enthusiastic. Japanese voice is high. Korean is lower. Chinese is loud ^^
Jap fans responded by saying saranghaeyo in a low voice… HJ said it’s like saying amen in church ;p

Q3: Any role you’d like for your next work?
HJ: No specific role I like. For now, I want to act in roles of common people living daily life.

Q4: Any other areas you want to challenge?
HJ: Singing and acting for now… if I come upon some other areas I am interested in, I will go for the challenge.
HJ: I sing and act throughout the year. If I go for other challenges, it will be outside of my current work or even entertainment. However that may mean I need to abandon these. I do not want to do that… so concentrate on singing and acting now.
I like riding on a bike & diving but they are just my habits (they are just an interest). What I want to do is singing & acting they are my work .. that I also do it well ..

Q5: Can wear many costumes in such roles?
HJ: If I am in a rich man role, I can wear more costumes and thicker clothes. Many people like my role in BOF… but I don’t really like that kind of role

Q6: Movie?
HJ: If there is a good one… but I have too many things yet to happen, e.g. military service. So I will go for such work after my MS. By then I can do 2-3 work per year 😀 then he told the fans not to worry He will concentrate on his singing for now.

Q7: Regrets for WT?
HJ: No regret. Put in full effort all the time. The only thing is we spent too much time flying. For Peru, we thought it’s summer then but actually winter. Staff brought slippers! Had to stay in hotel when not performing.

Q8: Felt fans’ love?
HJ: Every few months, fans travel to seoul for lotte event… This may seem a bit lame but I am really thankful.

Q9: Feelings about world tour
HJ: I’ve been to places far and near, felt support from fans from different parts. He will continue to work hard.

Q10: Many fans like IG. Any plans for more drama?
HJ: No plans for any new drama or movie at this moment .. due to the enlistment. but If there’s good one, I can start work anytime.
Cr: loving_khj

Gift for fans. (Photos)Gift for fans.

Hi-5 Started from back row. (Photos)10363853_283377361873339_2451005488729027799_n



KHJ while he was leaving the venue (Photos)1901779_712718765490851_5930820668964166953_n



hope we can always see you happy Oppa ❤ ❤ 

Kim Hyun Joong melted the Japanese fans in Korea-Japan Exchange Festival 2014 in Tokyo

About Korea-Japan Festival’s K-pop 2014 which took place on 28/9/2014 at Hibiya Park in Tokyo ..

It started from 5.30pm to 7.30pm JST .. 4 representative hallyu K-pop idols performed within the 2 hours, and 1 of them was Hyun Joong.
Cr: 5StarsAs1

k-pop guest performers were:
(5tion, LEDApple, Girl’s Day, Kim Hyun Joong) the four groups performances time was 2 hours .. and hyun joong was the last performer

Excerpt from the concert:

1- Even though KHJ appeared as a secret guest that day, the venue was crowded by fans who heard the rumor beforehand.
cr: : @AlienPrinceKHJ

2- venue turned into a sea of green when it was the time for HJ’s performance. Even fans who stood afar chanted ‘Kim Hyun Joong!’. Hyun Joong was also surprised many fans were there today because it was initially a ‘secret performance’.
cr: @5StarsAs1

Tweet Updates :

1- Hyun joong was wearing the same shirt from beauty beauty MV 😀 😀

2- There was No interview… He only said at the concert (from Japanese news report):
HJ: (after Your story) Thank you. I’m Kim Hyun Joong .. please enjoy the performance today.
HJ: (before Heat) Today is supposedly a ‘secret’ performance and yet so many of you (fans) came. Thank you for coming.
HJ: (after Heat) Thank you!
trans BY: 5StarsAs1

3- Hyun Joong performed after LedApple .. he sang 4 songs at the K-pop festival while other performers sang only 3 .. feel so proud of him .. Of course, his popularity is undeniable that he’s chosen to perform as finale of the day!

4- The song list were :
a.Your story JP
b.Save today
c.Hot Sun

5- He had the window half down and looking at the fans as he left
Cr: @loving_khj

Japanese & Korean exchange k-pop Festival (28/9/2014)

the venue10153996_274056306138778_7080424755073831896_n from Hibiya Park, Tokyo..

The Stage7098_274045986139810_164808952534728961_n


Many fans lining up & waiting1496615_274045772806498_3058006664155677401_n



The concert:1233625_696871687075559_8368402648268989007_n






















The fans at the concert:1380000_274150296129379_7802889224651161062_n 10294379_274101012800974_3024625033331220391_n


KHJ while he was leaving Haneda Airport (29.09.2014) .. he Spent time collecting gifts and letters from fans
cr: @loving_khj247637_697458047016923_2378798894265916155_n









Kim Hyun Joong arrived safely to Gimpo Airport (29/9/2014)20140929-GimpoAirportArr001




Aomori Shock On Music Festival 27/9/2014

On 26/9/2014 our leader left Korea to attend “Aomori Shock On Music Festival” on Japan which took place on 27/9/2014

Excerpt from the airport:

1- On 26/9 the Security leader said to the fans: It’s prohibited to take photos!!
Fans: and when he saw the fans sad ..
he said: But it’s ok to take secretly as long as you won’t tell it’s me who said this … really he was a kind man:D
(Credit: 掘斗士 from weibo) trans BY: 5StarsAs1

Hyun Joong while he was leaving Incheon10676287_273546846189724_6406065640979451045_n







Many fans were waiting KHJ in Aomori airport 26/9/201410629697_273437902867285_6081899852250483560_n

2- Taking pic was not allow .. so, HJ walked slowly at Aomori airport
Cr: akira6171 via 4everhyun

Hyun Joong at Aomori airport 26/9/201410704161_273547379523004_6275816831401994331_n


Excerpt from Rehearsal:

1- HJ at the Rehearsal sang about 8 songs and lots of them were Japanese songs .. last one was “goodbye”..
Cr: khjxiaoyao via Shawnkey0606

2- HJ ate ramen, eggs, barbecue & dumplings after the Rehearsal and ~~Ramen wasn’t spicy .. he ate well this day 😀
cr: @khjxiaoyao via @Shawnkey0606

AOMORI “outdoor festivals” Updates 27/9/2014 :

The stage and many fans waiting behind the stage …10646894_696228323806562_2119497082695346717_n 10671499_696204710475590_8547975959040615003_n

The queue at Aomori venue ..OMG ... Crowd


The Bracelet & concert ticket ..10641251_696201653809229_1287256319733452838_n


KHJ support – banners “My Only One김현중 & 사랑해요”10547697_696292920466769_4589395979600074593_n


Excerpt from what hyun joong said at the concert:

1- HJ:” Good evening evening guys,Im KHJ.It’s the first time to come here but I’m so excited to stand on this stage with other awesome people ,and also please enjoy the instant time”
Cr: 悠然KHJ — trans BY: Shawnkey0606

2- HJ:It’s first time in Aomori. The air is very clean. Wanna do a concert here in the future.
trans cr: @sunsun_sky

3- It’s his first time in Aomori and he likes the atmosphere in Aomori, especially performing nearby the sea.

4- He wish to perform in Aomori again ^^ (next time, I’ll definitely join your performance in Aomori!!)
BY: 5StarsAs1

5- HJ said he wanna come back Aomori again to meet fans not just for the concert..
BY: 4everhyun

6- He said in Korean he wants to meet everyone again in Aomori. The air is fresh in Aomori & the view of the sea is great too.
Cr: soso_life_ / trans BY: 5StarsAs1

7- HJ said … Hard work world tour.. Fans support me. I really appreciate you. It’s not mine. Our world tour in the world. Thanks.
cr:@kazum39 via @tomomon2

8- he Sang in Korean & introduced himself in Japanese~ and talked with fans in Japanese
cr: @5StarsAs1

9- HJ perform 9 songs at Aomori Shock On concert
Repertoire of songs:

5-I Cant Erase U from my mind

10-People were shouting for encore at the end as though it were his concert ! But I guess he had a flight to catch
cr: @loving_khj

The concert :1781964_697118923717502_9185441965398578642_n
















fans at the concert:10415681_696324893796905_4682450332766624906_n



After the concert:

1- HJ took flight from Aomori AP to Haneda Airport .
cr: @achan0606ham via @5StarsAs1

2- Hyun Joong has to attend Korea-Japan Festival’s K-pop Concert on 28-9-2014 at Hibiya Park in Tokyo in the evening.
cr: @5StarsAs1

3- HJ apparently Had a busy night .. because he attended to rehearse after Aomori event ..
cr: @loving_khj

4- Kim Hyun Joong had dinner at a local restaurant .. Japanese ramon !!
Cr: Hyun Hui Lamlam via @MirthaGT

Nagoya Concert The last marvelous concert for 2014 World tour (16/9/2014)

The last concert for this year was really successful .. and many fans went to the venue despite they weren’t have the ticket .. but they wanted to see and support our only one also Everyone wanted to give a gift for KHJ .. Nagoya’s concert venue capacity is only 3,000 people but the number of applicants were over than 10,000! the tickets were totally sold out .. there weren’t any ticket to sold anywhere at all!

(Tweet) updates .. HJ’s arrival to Japan:

1- HJ took off his cap & waved to the fans again and again .. even his eyes contacted with some fans when he was walking.
2- Nagoya manager told the fans “no photo, no video, no hand shake but they can pass the letters to him” .. So, the fans asked the manager to make HJ walk slowly at Nagoya airport … Manager answered “okay.. But HJ’s leg sooo long” So, he’s so fast at walking.
3- He has a new cell phone 😀 .. and he is putting a wallpaper too .. really he is so sweet.
Cr: @tomomon2
I think this is the wall paper that he was putting on his phone .10696471_10154760018410508_2029081290498082069_n

Excerpt from what happened on 16/9/2014 :

1- He sang GOODBYE & Hot Sun from Hot sun Album.
2- He didn’t wore the World Tour (Japan concert) T-shirt.

3- One of the most touching moments was .. During the last part of “HEAT” the music cut off suddenly but fans continued singing a cappella (which mean without instrumental accompaniment) with HJ till the end … then HJ said, ‘This wasn’t on purpose. really it was a mistake.’
4- When he was picking a lucky fan .. to up the stage for I’m Your Man, he asked “Is there anyone who’s the same age as me” .. many fans raised up their hands. Then he jokingly said.. ‘if you lie, you’re gonna be punished’ .. Isn’t he so sweet?!
cr: @5StarsAs1

5- When He chose the girl .. which he will sing ‘I’m Your Man’ for her .. he asked if she’s elder sis .. also he allowed her to sing a song & gave her a bottle of water to drink but the girl couldn’t do that .. so, HJ just drunk then gave her a hug and they took a photo together .. also HJ gave her the flower bouquet as well as they took a video together .. girl kept shaking her head, looked so nervous :D.
Cr: 猫的天使 .. trans by: Shawnkey0606 & cr: @爱贤21度C

6- HJ said ” Since I was born as KHJ, I thought that it is my own life, but it’s not true. My life is not only for my own .. but also for yours as well … He also said ” after I come back to Korea, I will work on to create good music” .. “Then I will see you again with better music. Bye now! See you again!”.
cr: @lafone0606

7- after he sang “I’m Yours” he said : I Have prepared something special for everyone in Nagoya. “The reason that I live” also he said During these 4 months (The World Tours) I met up with fans from different countries from Jun to September .. because of the support that everyone gave me, I didn’t collapse and I am able to stay on my feet and did not fall … in another way “Good things & bad things happened, but because of fans around the world I didn’t fall & I was able to hold on” (which mean he is thankful to everyone, everyone is the reason that he stay alive).
cr: @soso_life_ & @kazum39

8- He Walked through the crowd during Kiss Kiss .. and ended the song sitting on edge of stage.
9- He Walked through the 1st floor crowd (twice over 2 sections!) on the way up stage singing His Habit.
10- Walked to the crowd again at the end of Beauty Beauty & Do You Like That … fans are going crazy :D.
cr: @coriibean / @loving_khj

11- when HJ was singing ‘Please’ all the fans got excited because they thought that he will take his T-shirt off .. and when they saw him stay down .. they thought he will take it off finally , but he just pretended 😀 😀 and Didn’t undress !!!!
Male dancers divided into two parts only two men took off their clothes.
PS: Oppa is so cute to play joke with fans.
Cr: @猫的天使 .. trans cr: @Shawnkey0606

12- before leaving stage he said, “aishiteru” which mean I love you in Japanese and looked at fans with a emotion deeply.

13- when he was leaving “Nagoya Century Hall” all the car windows were open widely .. He was sitting on the right back seat .. and The car was driven sooooooo slowly .. to give his fans the chance to take photos … also HJ made full round up the way from car park where fans lined up .. and then returned down the way to the exit .. waves with smile to his fans .. How he was so sweet !!
cr: @loving_khj

 Some photos to Kim Hyun Joong at the concert:20140916-Nagoya-KHJTour-001



















The venue:10685427_270486719829070_7198635661254548933_n century hall century hall3


Merchandise saleMerchandise sale. uzoosin keychain which is a limited item in nagoya is sold out

Line of the goods sales Line of the goods sale

Some fans held this in the concert .. to support our Only One 10685595_691513057611422_8020130079367127604_n

when hyun joong sing If you are like me  the green fan will be raised



KHJ & Artmatic dancer .. photo taken after the World Tour completed10653738_270959539781788_3408964342364153799_n

Many fans while they were waiting till Kim Hyun Joong leaves the venue ..Fans Waiting for HJ to leave 1907846_271712253039850_1105997097290044291_n

Fans waiting for HyunJoong @Nagoya WT


Fans taking photos for HJ’s plane at Nagoya on 17/9/2014 ..10575170_270755039802238_8410132948297839500_o



Nagoya Airport Departure on 17-9-2014 :
He looked very good today .. waved and smiled and took letters on the way to security .. so dashing in black and white long sleeved shirt .. also he looked so refreshed this morning .
Cr: neongreenribbon20140917-Nagoya-AirportDep001









Incheon Airport Arrival on 17-9-2014:
thank god he reached Korea safely ..20140917-Incheon-AirportArr002







The police investigation in Kim Hyun Joong scandal (2/9/2014)

Hello Henecians .. we have a very good news .. kim hyun joong is Innocent .. the police investigation done on 2/9/2014 evening .. and Mrs.A and all her proofs are weak & fake as we guessed from the beginning .. I’m so happy .. congrats my dear king .. we will never leave you ..

A part of the police statement :

A source from the police department stated “Kim Hyun Joong said there was a slight physical struggle while arguing about breaking up. He denied the allegation, saying it was just accidental, and there was no habitual assault.”

Further, the source stated in regards to the rib fracture, “It is speculated that it occurred while playing around. At that time, he wasn’t even aware that Ms. A was even hurt.”

source: http://tl.gd/n_1s7mlvt

Another statement :

The 28 year old singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong is accuse by his Ex girlfriend of assault and brutally beating her to the point her rib were fractures which he has denied.

On Sept. 2 at 9 PM he came to the Seoul Songpa police station and stay 4 hours being investigated, he replay softly that he was sorry all the media and complex relationship he had. He went home quietly not seen by the media nor the public.

The police in charge of this case said in a statement that what Kim Hyun Joong stated through his Co 3 days ago were not so different from his statement now. This official said, “a total of four counts of assault charges, Kim Hyun Joong has only admitted to one. He had told his Ex he wanted to break up and a big emotional argument turn in to a fight from both sides of pushing and shoving in a slight altercation aroused.

However the habitual assault charges against him were lies he strongly stated and denied. The fractures of the ribs the were diagnosed about six weeks was from horse playing around (wresting games/ playing/ joking) he did not know about it honestly, Kim Hyun Joong said.

Because the two side statement were totally different from each parties, the police will be calling in both sides for further questions. The Ex girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong, miss A on Sept. 20 metrically told the public of her two month relationship from last May to July and said she suffer repeatedly battered six weeks and file a claim against Kim Hyun Joong.

However, Kim Hyun Joong’s secure (His Side) has rebuttal A to the claims of battery. He told they had a quarrel between them and in the process got emotional augment and they was a tangle struggle between them, but has never beaten, assault repeatedly were not true” he explained.

Translated by: @Jackiek606

source: http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=108&aid=0002334801






kim hyun joong kicked out another great concert at Guangzhou-china on 30/8/2014

Our unbreakable kicked out another successful concert at Guangzhou .. this concert was really awesome .. even 1000 fan get Hi-5 .. I can’t imagine how they are so happy right now .. and many fan clubs from different parts of the world sent for him flowers wreaths .. more than 100 flower wreath reach the venue .. many fans were concerned to support him at this bad time .. and they did .. and made him feel with their love and support ..

our unbreakable singer was marvelous on 30/8/2014 and showed his fans that he is stronger than they thought .. I don’t want to talk a lot .. here some excerpt from what happened ..

Kim hyun joong’s News :

1- During “Hi-5” many people told him “stay strong” .. also fans said by shouting “fighting” so, he responded “don’t worry ,I’ll continue working hard on stage”
cr: @loving-Khj

2- “I have seen today the most moving concert” .. “you prepared for me a lot .. I don’t want to leave the arena .. in future I will just think about Guangzhou field .. and I won’t give up ” said by 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)

3- He said that he had a good time in Shanghai, then asked If those in Shanghai were also here .. the crowed responded with emphatic “yes”

4- When many fans chanted “KHJ I love you” , he responded with “me too” in Korean then “I love you” in chinese.
Cr: @loving-Khj

5- He said “this Feeling like first concert in Seoul .. like first time or he felt like at home .. either way it’s a good feeling”

6- a) during encore, he said that Guangzhou has given him strength.
b) he also said that Guangzhou concert has given him confidence, and energy .. also he will come up with better things and special events in Beijing ..
c) he said after Guangzhou concert, he’s more determined now .. then he followed softly but firmly “persevere.. persevere”
Cr: @loving-Khj

7- And the most sensitive sentence is “I’d love to see you all happy .. despite our distance is far .. our hearts are always together .. I love you all” said by 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)

Some photos to Kim Hyun Joong at the Concert :



















According to Guangzhou concert organizers :

1- they said that “phantasm Guangzhou” sales has increased after the recent issue broken out .. as fans realised that hyun joong needs a lot of support ..

2- more than 100 flower bouquet sent to him .. organizer added that .. this rarely happen if it was for another K-pop artist’s concert ..
cr: @5starsAs1

Inside the venue:

Some flower wreath: IMG_4116146247045



Some Japanese fans came dressed in “kimono” ..IMG_152390639238

The stage was quite high ..IMG_65289325173475


The concert banner filled with fan messages to support 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)IMG_157858473710

Also the fans sang “moon represent my heart”
cr: Henecia_vi0606

Hi-5 metting:

Many fans at the Hilton Baiyun Hotel for Guangzhou world tour “Hi-5”IMG_65319077736951 IMG_65321988869763


Hyun Joong at Hi-5 meeting ..20140830-GuangZhou-KHJTourHi5-001


He departed Guangzhou on 30/8/201420140831-CAN-Depart-001








And arrived back to Incheon airport-Korea on 31/8/2014