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Let’s send our letters to Kim Hyun Joong

Today I won’t say let’s participate in this or that project .. this time you can send your own letter by yourself ..

lately when the Henecians visited Jaksal restaurant .. Hyun Joong’s friend and aunt gave them the permission to send their own letters to Hyun Joong on the restaurant’s address and from there they will deliver the letters to the leader (correction this is not Jaksal’s address .. this is the P.O. box address for the fans who want to send him a letter during his military service ) .. so, it’s easier now .. you can write your letter by handwriting or just print it from your computer then go to the nearest post office & send it .. write whatever you want from supporting messages to farewell Messages ..


Good luck with your sending .. hope you all the luck .. here is the address in the English & the Korean language ..




Kim Hyun Joong comeback from his vacation healthier ( Lotty Fanmeeting in seoul 25-10-2014 )

25 oct. 2014 was a big day for all of us .. After long period of time .. the leader appeared finally .. it was a very exciting moment for all of us (Henecians) inside & outside the venue .. even for those who watching his updates on the various websites .. Many fans came from other countries to meet him .. like Hong kong, Thailand , Singapore and many fans came from Japan because this event was sponsored by Henecia Japan … at the meeting hyun joong was dashing, good looking & handsome as always .. his smile didn’t leave his face & he was very simple and funny 🙂 .. lets see what happened at the fan meeting in details ..

Stands outside the hall. (Photos)10425063_713214455441282_5475418188026207738_n


Inside the venue before the FM 25-10-2014. (Photos)B0x5g93CYAAS1KA


Kim Hyun Joong arrived the venue 25-10-2014. (Photos)1619347_283329561878119_121337704462529252_n



From what happened at the meeting:

HJ entered in black suit. White shirt, shirt has a circle pattern of Black and gold in front.

Many many overseas (non-Japanese) fans came for this Lotte fanmeet.

HJ sang 3 songs: “Your Story – Say Something & Thank You”

Most impressive .. fans who got gold medal .. then other guys shout that the girl is here and she standed up

KHJ inside the venue 25-10-2014. (Photos)1069814_284034248474317_4431106956128790762_n















Some words by the leader:

HJ words about growing old…
When I was in elementary & high school, I thought adults were old. But now I feel not just young people are young. We are all young. No matter 20, 26, or 29 years of age, I’ve had the same feeling… I feel no fear. Just another year. The HJ I’d envisioned when I was 20 yr old is not the same as the HJ now. Now I think about today and tomorrow. Live in the moment well … When I live to be 40 years old or 50 years old I feel like as a 20-year-old energetic 😀

Words for fans…
How should I say this? Please remember the HJ moments when I perform. The happy moments when you saw me perform on stage and on screen.

Words on fans coming to meet him in Seoul…
Goes without saying that I feel thankful that you’ve come. In the area I live, there’s a rubber duck now that you may see.I was once the Seoul Ambassador. Most people go to Myeongdong, Namsam, and other touristy places. I want to introduce some place different. The host responded… Fans come to Seoul for HJ. He is our tourist attraction!

HJ mentioned that when fans said saranghaeyo during Nagoya encore, he was flustered… he needed fans to say goodbye to bring on the final song (LOL!), thus he was stuck in his response .. The host wondered… shouldn’t he be happy? He said that was like a surprise gift. Whoever received it would feel happiness… so did he!





HJ said:

1- he will seriously consider the type of music he wants in the album before he starts looking for songs.

2- recently he watched the American musical drama movie ‘Begin Again’ (The movie that inspired him for the next album) he now knows what genre of music he wants to do for his next album.

3- his new Album will be next year… he wanna make his music thats free,comfortable & unlimited.

4- Oppa said fans of southeast Asia are so hot, Japanese fans are high and Chinese fans’ voice are the best !!! Hahhh
Cr: Timing_想跟偶吧bobo的小不点










There were supposed to be a Q&A for fans to win gifts. But HJ had issues with the questions… too easy! LOL kept asking why they are so easy ..

Q1: What did you do during this break?
HJ: Started using kakao talk w friends. (host said she saw him using a lot in airport keke) When I rest, I started sns life. Feel closer to friends using kakao talk & kakao story. Feelings can be expressed differently when using kakao compared to seeing friends face to face.

Q2: How are fans from diff areas differ?
A: Temperature? Climate? South American are very enthusiastic. Japanese voice is high. Korean is lower. Chinese is loud ^^
Jap fans responded by saying saranghaeyo in a low voice… HJ said it’s like saying amen in church ;p

Q3: Any role you’d like for your next work?
HJ: No specific role I like. For now, I want to act in roles of common people living daily life.

Q4: Any other areas you want to challenge?
HJ: Singing and acting for now… if I come upon some other areas I am interested in, I will go for the challenge.
HJ: I sing and act throughout the year. If I go for other challenges, it will be outside of my current work or even entertainment. However that may mean I need to abandon these. I do not want to do that… so concentrate on singing and acting now.
I like riding on a bike & diving but they are just my habits (they are just an interest). What I want to do is singing & acting they are my work .. that I also do it well ..

Q5: Can wear many costumes in such roles?
HJ: If I am in a rich man role, I can wear more costumes and thicker clothes. Many people like my role in BOF… but I don’t really like that kind of role

Q6: Movie?
HJ: If there is a good one… but I have too many things yet to happen, e.g. military service. So I will go for such work after my MS. By then I can do 2-3 work per year 😀 then he told the fans not to worry He will concentrate on his singing for now.

Q7: Regrets for WT?
HJ: No regret. Put in full effort all the time. The only thing is we spent too much time flying. For Peru, we thought it’s summer then but actually winter. Staff brought slippers! Had to stay in hotel when not performing.

Q8: Felt fans’ love?
HJ: Every few months, fans travel to seoul for lotte event… This may seem a bit lame but I am really thankful.

Q9: Feelings about world tour
HJ: I’ve been to places far and near, felt support from fans from different parts. He will continue to work hard.

Q10: Many fans like IG. Any plans for more drama?
HJ: No plans for any new drama or movie at this moment .. due to the enlistment. but If there’s good one, I can start work anytime.
Cr: loving_khj

Gift for fans. (Photos)Gift for fans.

Hi-5 Started from back row. (Photos)10363853_283377361873339_2451005488729027799_n



KHJ while he was leaving the venue (Photos)1901779_712718765490851_5930820668964166953_n



hope we can always see you happy Oppa ❤ ❤ 

Excerpt from 27/6/2014 night

1- KHJ’s rehearsal in preparation for 28/6/2014 concert
2- It seems HJ cycling to rehearsalTonight It's seem HJ. cycling to rehearsal

3- some fans heard the songs that HJ’s rehearsal .. they were ( Let me go / unbreakable / breakdown / etc.)

4- HJ’s outfit was vest .. hat & darker skin (he got a bronze-tanned body )
5- Hyun joong was doing rehearsal from 6 PM and till 1:30 AM the music was still on … so he was practicing till the midnight …

CR: @jeabjoong & @Poko17

after finishing his work on 28/6/2014 (video)

Kim Hyun Joong  for Rehearsal2014.06.27 Kim Hyun Joong for Rehearsal

HJ in the early hours of the morning leaving rehearsal 28-6-201410312435_773858549325705_4306900611793739686_n HJ in the early hours of the morning leaving rehearsal 28-6

KHJ @ rehearsals right now at Olympic Park, Seoul for tomorrow's 2014 WORLD TOUR!!


@Jaksal Ilsan ~crowded with Henecian~fans 27-6-2014 nightwow!! @Jaksal Ilsan tonight~crowded with Henecian~fans 27-6-2014


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